Talent wins games, but
teamwork and intelligence wins

Our Team


Qamber Masjide (Co-Founder and Business Head)

The Pen behind the DigiCrux Logo! All creative ideas on the assembly line need to pass his meticulous eye. 15 years of work experience has made him understand the pulse of his clients. An Avid Reader, Creative Writer by Passion, Ferocious Salesman by Nature, Man with a Plan.....ALWAYS!!! Has a Borderline OCD when it comes to nit picking on the creative work that needs to be delivered to his client. “You are as good as your last project” is his approach to work and the end result speaks for itself.

Dhruv Soni (Co-Founder and Creative Director)

A Workaholic Warrior with an uncontrollable urge to leave his mark in films one day. Camera is his weapon of choice with which he creates his masterpieces. To keep up with his energy is a daily challenge for his team. In every creative project he loves just about everything there is to do in which the camera lens is involved. Enjoys all technical aspects involved in shooting a film, advertisement or media project. “Passion for your work and delivering the end result with utmost sincerity” is his mantra.

Anupam Mishra (Sr. Manager – Business Development)

He has a vision to empower every individual; businessman or service professional to have a web presence. Has spent over a decade catering to this very vision and has developed successful business relationships in the market. He is prolific in understanding and providing the best web solutions for individuals who wish to grow their business. “Customer is Not Always Right”; although a controversial statement he believes in providing the right web solutions and not what just looks good on the outside.

Chetana Pardeshi (Operations Manager – Web Development and Digital Marketing)

Understands customer requirement proactively and delivers with the speed of light. Extremely diligent in crafting the best digital solution for each business that comes her way. She has a constant thirst for knowledge in the field of web development and digital marketing. Loved by her team members she is the force behind keeping the creative business operations running smoothly. “Be respectful, clear and helpful to your team members and the output will be spectacular” is her way of running a tight ship. It’s because of this attitude a positive creative energy is infused into every project that we deliver.

Priti Rao (Sr. Writer)

A very gifted writer with an insatiable knack for story telling. Always believes in using the less traveled road when creative concepts and stories are being dished out during brain storming sessions. Whether content is for films, advertisement or product shoots she always tries to push the envelope. Is a walking, talking encyclopedia on the latest happenings in the world of creative writing. Thrives on doing good quality work and wants to deliver nothing but the best.