Video Production

Engage, inspire and influence your audience with videos that get results. Video is hands down the best way to get people’s attention and get the intended message across. It’s immersive, instant and easy to connect with emotionally. DigiCrux blends the creative ideas of a design studio and the filming acumen of a production house. We create the following videos for different genres covering every stage of the customer cycle i.e. Awareness Stage -> Consideration Stage -> Decision Stage.

Corporate/Business Videos

Running a business means keeping one eye on the bottom-line at all times which is why it’s imperative that the final output meets its core business purpose. DigiCrux executes business videos that inspire audiences and builds brands. Our approach begins with a deep understanding of you and your target audience, so we can help you communicate your story in the most engaging and effective way possible. The goal is simple. Inspire your target audience through a video that will help your business grow.

Promotional Videos

When you have something about your business that you’re excited about, you need to show it off in a way that will get other people to feel the excitement. DigiCrux creates inspiring promotional videos to help increase brand awareness and sales. We are passionate about brand storytelling and helping our clients to achieve more with video. Our approach begins with a deep understanding of you and your target audience, so we can help you to communicate the value of your products and services in the most compelling way possible.

Training Videos

Engage your audience and make your messages stick. Teach, inspire and drive real change with training videos. Can’t convince your team to read another dry training booklet? Are your customers hesitant to learn how to use your product or service effectively? Training doesn't have to be dull. Our training videos combine the important messages you need to get across with a compelling story. Your audience learns more effectively when they're engaged. And most importantly, they retain that information.

Animation Videos

Bring your messages to life with animation that communicates your message quickly and easily. Our approach begins with a deep understanding of you and your target audience, so we can help you to communicate your story in the most compelling way possible. We create animations and explainer videos that will inspire your intended audience along with the content that will help your business grow. With animation no matter who you’re trying to reach, leaving an impression with an effective visual style can match the tone of your brand and appeal to your customers.

Social Media Videos

Earlier there was no such thing as Social Media Videos. But now! Every message driven content is been showcased on the Social Media Platform. The viewing audience is vast in numbers and only responds to engaging content that does not take much of their time. The pressure to hammer the intended message in a span of fifteen seconds to even a couple of minutes is tremendous. We ensure that our social media videos become a great positioning tool for you. Our aim is to create call to action driven videos which have an engaging piece of content to captivate your customers.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonials are short videos that show your client talking about your brand and the experience of working with your company. They are a great way to generate trust with potential prospects and close deals. 85 % of consumers said they look up reviews before feeling they can trust a business and that is why using video testimonials to gain trust will be highly effective and is a must in any marketing strategy. A good testimonial video is an extremely handy tool. It brings credibility to your work and your business is shown in a positive light through the words of your existing customers. It creates the required human connect.

Product Videos / Tutorial Videos

Product Videos or Tutorial Videos show how your product/service works. Whether you sell a product or a service, your potential clients want to see them in action! Product videos show that and build trust toward your product, driving sales. You should use Product Videos because they help to convert prospects into paying customers. They want to see what they are buying and they should! A study made by Internet Retailer states those visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy.

Demo Videos

As the name suggests this video is used to showcase how a product or service works. A visual demonstration is the best instruction guide the target audience could ask for to understand how the product or service works. It is the most straight forward way to get to the point quickly instead of going through lengthy brochures or guides. A prospect customer upon viewing a demo video can make an informed decision quickly whether to buy the product or service or if they have already bought it, avoid the hassle of calling for support.

Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a short animated video that focuses on explaining a business idea in a simple, engaging and compelling way, by using a clear and concise language; appealing and attractive visuals that quickly grab the viewer's attention. Its duration is usually less than 2 minutes in length. The biggest advantage of making an explainer video is that it increases the average time spent on your website and most importantly increase conversions by 20 % on an average in an easy and engaging way.

Educational Videos

Educational videos are meant to inform and educate your audience about the problems they are experiencing (pain points). Positioning your brand as an expert in your industry and driving organic views. The goal of learning videos is to put your brand in organic searches easily which will drive more visitors. Creating educational content for your audience will help them understand their problems and position your brand as a reference in your industry which will drive new visitors to your website and social media channels saving a lot of money used in advertising.

Company Story Videos

Company Story Videos show the story of your team and the history behind your business building trust towards your brand and driving sales. People like to do business with people that they know and trust; which is why having a Company Story Video is essential to building this type of relationship with your audience. These types of videos will help your audience to know your company’s value, objectives and the team behind the brand.