Video Production

We provide our clients with a complete solution addressing their creative requirements. DigiCrux blends the creative ideas of a design studio, filming skill of a production house, embedded with technical know-how of a cutting edge multimedia and internet development company. We create the following videos for different genres covering every stage of video production i.e. right from pre-production to post-production stage.

Business Videos

Being in business means keeping one eye on the bottom-line at all times and so the final output has to meet its core business purpose. We create the following kind of business videos:

  • Corporate Identity Videos
  • Sales Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Promotional Videos for Business
  • Corporate Event Video

Web Videos

It’s not enough to get people to your website; you need them to remember your message. Through our Web Video production services, DigiCrux helps companies produce engaging video content for use on websites and social media. Web videos can be used effectively for:

  • Product Videos
  • Storytelling Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Web Video Ads

Event Videos

Your event video only has a few seconds to catch someone’s attention. Whether you’re preparing a big annual sales meeting, or an important industry trade-show or conference, you want to make sure your business is getting in front of the right people. It need not necessarily mean that an event video cannot be made to capture the good times; like corporate parties or R&R celebrations. We make videos covering all kinds of events like:

  • Annual Corporate Events
  • R&R Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Conferences

Promo Videos

When you have something you’re excited about, you need to show it off in a way that will get other people to feel that excitement. A promotional video is a great way to reach out to your customer base and spread the good news about your business. DigiCrux creates effective promotional videos of all sorts including:

  • Product Videos
  • Videos that Highlight Your Services
  • Event Videos
  • Videos Promoting a Philanthropic Cause
  • Corporate Culture Showcase Videos

Training Videos

Instructional & Training Videos help you showcase your processes in a way that no instruction manual can rival. Video training is the most intuitive, straight-forward way to make your point and make it stick. Instructional training video production reaches a diverse audience with a wide variety of challenges and education levels. We can showcase:

  • Product Feature Training Video
  • New Process Training Video
  • Corporate Leadership Training Video
  • HR Corporate Culture Training Video
  • Webinar Videos


Animation doesn’t just mean cartoons anymore. In fact, nearly every commercial or show you’ll find on TV or on the internet these days involves some form of animation. With animation no matter who you’re trying to reach, leaving an impression with an effective visual style can match the tone of your brand and appeal to your customers. We use 2D/3D effectively in:

  • Fully animated corporate videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Product videos
  • Layout design videos
  • Motivational videos
  • Walkthrough videos


Every great video production includes great scriptwriting. Your script is the skeletal system of your video production – the bones that support your messaging, and help you move through your story. Proper scriptwriting can streamline your copy so that it gets your point across without losing your audience. We create scripts for practically every video project we work on:

  • Corporate videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Product videos
  • Motivational videos
  • Animated videos
  • Web videos

Testimonial Videos

Your product and services are as good as what your customers think about you. You’re as good as what your customers, boss and colleagues think about you. Your work is as good as what your peers, competitors and targeted audience think of it.Here is where a good testimonial video comes in handy. Almost every website has a written testimonial section. But if it’s in a form of an AV then the impact is quite substantial. We create short, to the point testimonial videos involving:

  • Customer feedback on product and service
  • Customer experience
  • Feedback of peers and seniors within organization
  • Small bytes of end consumers about their overall