We do Product Shoots, Corporate Shoots, Stock Picture Shoots, Photos for Social Media Campaigns and Channels, Promotional Material Shoots and Behind the Scene Shoots. Our lens captures all that our client requires as per their business requirement. We help deliver as per your deadline and within your budget. Our goal when writing a creative brief for a photo-shoot is to enable you and our photographer to work as a team and be on the same page. This is necessary to deliver a quality output.

Working together helps our photographer to understand:

  • Your brand, business goals and target market more clearly.
  • Exactly how the images are going to be used (in which context and for what purpose).
  • Whether the photos are being taken for a print campaign or to be used for social media channels etc.
  • Any specific rules/instructions that you might have before the final image is delivered.
  • Sample photos shared by you to have a clear vision about the type of images you are after. This will make our photographer aware about the style your brand uses and what has worked for you.