Corporate Brand Identity

Crafting a brand identity requires an in-depth analysis of the message that the business is trying to project to its intended audience. Market Analysis, Consumer Research, Vision Goals and Brand Personality are the core factors that come into play when one envisions a brand design. Once all the pieces of the puzzle are accounted for and in place; only then do we begin with the designing process.

Our vision for an effective brand design/identity revolves around the following factors:

  • It should be Simple – Less is always more.
  • It should be Memorable – It needs to stick in the subconscious mind of the target audience.
  • It should be Appropriate – Apples and Oranges; one needs to know the difference and be clear about the message that is being fed to the target audience.
  • It needs to be Timeless – Classics never die. A good brand/design should have a long shelf life.
  • It has to be Versatile – Needs to be significantly different and stand out amongst the competitors.

At DigiCrux we can create Logo designs, Static HTML Mailer’s, Brochures & Leaflet designs, Danglers, T-Shirt designs, Stationery and Corporate gift designs. Whatever you need to project your brand as amongst your targeted audience we can make it happen.